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About KamisaChief

A small Introduction

Creativity, originality….both are needed to elevate your project with various audio solutions. This is what KamisaChief can do for you or your company.

Kamisachief can give you that missing piece of the puzzle to complete your gameproject. We handle every project like it is our own. We will give advice where ever needed. Kamisachief is growing in experience with every project, big or small and we are looking forward to work with you.
Check out all our social media channels and don’t hesitate to give us a follow. In the menu section, click on “music” to listen to some of our work  for gamedevelopers and clients.  Also click on “portfolio” to have look at former projects we worked on. In the “download” part of this page, you can download FREE sound effect packages. Also click on the icons to follow our every move on social media.

Why Work With Me

SoundFX • GameAudio • Advice
To find the right composer for your project can be a difficult task. They all have different styles, visions and opinions. In some projects, experimentation or thinking out of the box is just what the project needs, in other projects its’ s just the opposite. What matters is that the audio composer understands the vision for the project. What matters even more is a chemistry between developer and composer. He or she has to be just as passionate for project. Kamisachief  knows how important these things are and this thrives us to work on every project like it is our own. Contact us and let’s talk about what you need and what you want. Let us show you what your project means to us.
Sky is the limit, creativity is key
Original, playful and very addictive
Our experience will give answers to your questions 


SFXPackages • Themes • Music


A good audiocomposer is always looking for amazing sfx. Werther he or she created them theirselves or searched the internet for it. Here at KamisaChief we do both. We found amazing free to download SFX packages online that are too good to keep a secret. We uploaded some packages here so that it will save you some time. Download it, use it and support the studio’s that made them.


Gear • Software • Gadgets

-Our personal digital Playground-

It’s obvious that a studio is very important. For some of the composers it’ s like a second home from home. The studiogear he or she works with needs to be on point an up to date.
Every piece of equipment is needed to create wonders for a gameproject. New tools and digital candy changes the musical landscape and influences the audiocoamposer with every project.
Our studio is just what we need and a beautiful place to get lost in and find that melody, sfx or themesong you need. Always updating and improving studio gear is a big part of our Kamisachief studio. 
Brands we work with in our studio :

Propellorhead Reason, Steinberg Cubase, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Nuendo, Korg, Roland, Microsoft, Apple, Teufel, Behringer, M-Audio

Let’s Work Together


Leave us a message and let us know what you need or what you are looking for. Also leave a message if you want or need some more information. We will contact you as soon as possible.