A small Introduction

KamisaChief is all about creating the right atmosphere for your project. We produce audio, create sound effects or give clear advice that suits your game, app or promotional video perfectly. We can give it that extra touch! That's Right, It's For You! Share your idea or vision with us and KamisaChief will translate it into to that what you are looking for.

News & Updates

Stay updated with our latest productions or projects. Download beats, music and sfx in our Download and Audio sections. Some are for free! Check out our homemade audiolibraries & sfx vocalistics If our schedual will let us, we will try and post as much as we can.  Also check our updates page for details on cool projects KamisaChief is working on.

Social Media

Do you want to know more? Then give us a follow on the social media platforms and keep yourself up to date about what we do 24/7! Find us online. And yess..if you follow us, we follow back Go to all your standard social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch and add us.



“T-shirts, Hoodies & Snapback Caps”

Besides music, we also try to be creative in clothing designs. It is just another thing we like to do and want to make available to all music fanatics or people who work in the music industry. Streetwear, cool t-shirts, caps and hoodies are a few things we love to wear. So check out our style and maybe you see something you like too. ONLY available via our website or online store! order now in all sizes Click on the link to visit the shop or go to our store page here, and order your own exclusive kamisachief clothing.  Check out the various designs Do it Now!! . The t-shirts and hoodies are available in several colours and sizes.

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 “KamisaChief wants to stand out from the rest with idea’s on Audio”

Every producer has his or her own opinion about how music or audio should sound like. And that is a good thing, right? KamisaChief Audio is no different. Our company also has various idea’s how for instance game audio or sound effects can sound like. Basically it all comes down to what a developer or client likes, wants or needs for a game or project.  We have uploaded some examples so you can listen to what we can do. Click on the “Demo’s and Samples” tab if you are curious More audio available on our SoundCloud account! and listen to a couple of our productions. Keep yourself up to date and follow us! Click and Listen!

To give you an idea, click on this clip you see below. We replaced the original audio of the game with our own. More of these clips are also uploaded on our YouTube channel.
The name of the game and game developer are shown before the clip starts.



“Networking is key”

A company or organisation cannot  grow without “friends” in the business. You need to build a good network around your company and maintain work related relationships for future projects. We are happy to work and cooperate with everyone, learning new techniques or share visions. Check out our “Network” tab, dedicated to all our friends and also partners we worked with. Do you want to network with us? Please let us know and contact us.


“Contact us…..call or sent an email and let’s work together!”

If you need audio for your (game)project, or promovideo or want more details about our work method. Do you need an invoice or just some advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can find all the contact information on this website.


Available on standard office hours and also in weekends. We are more then happy to answer all of your questions

After officehours and still need us? Please sent and email


Find Kamisachief also on UPwork for your projects, big or small, we take ’em all